Laser Hair Removal

Say hello to silky smooth skin.

Have you explored the possibility of permanently removing hair and eliminating the potential of stubborn ingrown hairs? Laser hair removal is the gold standard for long-lasting hair reduction, granting you smooth skin that you will love.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light from a Q-switched Yag laser to destroy hair follicles, resulting in long-term hair reduction. Suitable for various body regions, from the delicate upper lip or chin to the back or legs, it stands as a safe and efficient method for achieving hair reduction and smooth skin. The Yag laser will target melanin in the follicle and deliver bursts of targeted energy without harming the skin surrounding the area of treatment. This treatment is a popular choice for those seeking a more permanent solution to unwanted hair.

  • Purpose: Long-term solution to unwanted hair.

  • Recovery: Avoid UV exposure.

  • Results: Silky smooth skin.

More About Laser Hair Removal

How Can I Prepare for a Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Review your medical history with a healthcare professional. Avoid exposure to UV rays as well as self-tanning products prior to treatment to avoid adverse reactions. Avoid tweezing or waxing this area.

  • Arrive to your appointment with clean skin.

  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing the day of your procedure.

  • Ensure area is clean-shaven twenty-four hours before treatment.

What Can I Expect?


Laser hair removal is a relatively quick and painless procedure. At YMD, we use the latest, pain-free advances in technology in order to produce the best results with minimal discomfort. Numbing creams or cooling gels may be applied to the skin to reduce any discomfort, as some parts of the body will be more sensitive than others.


Patients may experience redness for a few hours following the procedure. To prevent any irritation, avoid UV exposure and apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily. While downtime can last anywhere from several days to weeks, the results are long lasting when combined with proper lifestyle habits and skin care.


This treatment proves to be the gold standard for hair removal methods; most patients see a noticeable reduction in hair growth within a few weeks of treatment. Results may vary depending on hair color, skin type, size of targeted area, and treatment regimen. Book a consultation to enhance your skin with effortless elegance.

Our Process


YMD now offers Telehealth appointments via Zoom in addition to in-person consultations. During your comprehensive initial assessment, you will be delivered a customized treatment plan aligned with your goals. This personalized strategy may include surgical methods, non-surgical treatments, or a combination of both, all newly designed to accentuate your natural facial contours.


Your comfort and assurance are essential to us; the YMD team is here to walk with you every step of the way. YMD holds the belief that natural results should be the cornerstone of every consultation and surgical procedure. Enhance your beauty naturally with our exceptional team here at YMD.


The YMD team recommends that you establish a skincare routine in addition to daily sunscreen use for enduring results post-procedure. HydraFacials are highly recommended to prep your skin prior to our services as well as monthly maintenance in order to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, oily skin, and hyperpigmentation.

What Our Customer Say

My experience with Dr. Yeilding and her staff has been excellent.  My concerns were addressed quickly and thoroughly.  The office atmosphere is very pleasant.  My appointments have been kept timely.  No excessive waiting.  It has been a very great experience.

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I can’t say enough about how absolutely wonderful Dr. Y and her team are!  Dr. Y truly cares about her patients- is very kind and gentle with her practice has what is best for me in her best interest!  I am so thankful to have a Doctor whom truly cares for her patients just as Dr. Y does.  I have recommended her to so many friends and will continue to do so! 

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